It’s Not about cutting corners but about cutting edge


After being in the MICE industry for over 10 years, EMeetings thought it was time for a facelift. It’s not that we were ageing badly but we felt that after so many years in the business, giving ourselves a fresh new look was the thing to do to keep our cutting edge as a Malta DMC. This is what inspired us to come up with our new brand – adding a ‘cut edge’ on the E & I in ECMeetings. Keeping things simple and clean with our name and then putting the edge further defines who we are – iconic, sharp & modern – an image our customers will instantly recognise as ECMeetings.


Along with our new brand came a new website. Have a look around our new site – it showcases some of our latest success stories, documents our extensive experience and gives information about how ECMeetings could help you and your business. Let us know what you think and pop back for more updates.