Lisbon, Portugal

Why come to Lisbon?

Lisbon is a city crafted over centuries with a historical past, a vibrant present and an exciting future. Overlooking the Tagus River the city of seven hills, beautifully combines nature, history, culture, innovation, fine gastronomy and an excellent sunny climate. The narrow cobblestone streets and traditional neighbourhoods are home to Roman and Moorish ruins, grand squares, white cathedrals, charming eateries and the birthplace of Fado music.

Located in the most southwestern part of Europe, Lisbon offers more than 250 sunny days per year. The capital of Portugal is easily accessible with over 100 flights arriving before 10AM and an average flight time of 2.5hrs from most European hubs. Portugal is the Gateway to South America and the closest European country to the USA. The airport is located less than 20 minutes from the city centre.

The diversity of old and new and idyllic scenery, coupled with excellent food and wine make this a truly unique destination to discover. Add great value for money and a friendly and welcoming multilingual culture!

Things to do in Lisbon.

All Aboard?

Discover Lisbon by sea on board a unique vessel, enjoying the coast from a different perspective in total comfort and refinement with the opportunity to experience the most remarkable monuments of Belem, but also the main Commerce Square, the Cristo Rei Statue, the old fortress of Bugio and the beautiful coast line. Add a typically Portuguese lunch on board with fabulous food, drinks and music.

Lisbon with all your Senses

Streets filled with myths, stories, people, traditions and cultural heritage, Lisbon has been a cultural hub for centuries. Discover this unique and charming city with all your senses. Inspired by personal favourites, sounds, smells, sites and tastes ‘5 Senses Lisbon’ takes you on a journey to tucked away backstreets and colourful places, small artisan shops and foodie delights, interacting with local artists and charming characters, that make this city so unique.

The Golden Triangle

The capital city Lisbon with its golden beaches of Cascais and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sintra are only 30 minutes away from each other and are often referred to as the Golden Triangle.

Discover the tucked away gems of Sintra on a thrilling adventure of off-roading through mud, water and lush vegetation of Sintra’s parks and reserves, enjoying panoramic views from hilltops along the way. At a family owned winery, dating back to 1808 the delicious nectar produced in Sintra can be sampled. A stunning cliff top restaurant offers amazing sea views and excellent dining experiences.

The beautiful seaside town of Cascais is surrounded by golden beaches and is excellent for all types of water sports and boating experiences.

If you are looking for a teambuilding activity that makes a difference and supports a good cause there is an organisation that welcomes volunteers to help with removal of invasive species and plantation projects at the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Lisbon's Iconic Tram

One of the most popular attractions of Lisbon are the iconic trams that date back to the 19th Century and pass through the winding, narrow and hilly streets of the historic city.

Electric trams can be privatised to discover the city and for evening transfers. On board traditionally dressed locals will serve the famous Port wine and some typical Portuguese appetizers.

Unique Teambuilding Events

Lisbon offers a great variety of teambuilding and CSR activities by the sea and within the historic city.

Discover Lisbon through a unique and fun tour of the many neighbourhoods with an engaging walking tour of the popular Lisbon Street Art Scene. Interacting with local and international artists and learning about the history, culture, social and political aspects of the city on an artistic tour is not only a unique way to experience the creative side of Lisbon, but also contributes to new street art and the survival of a thriving art scene.

Exceptional Venues & Culinary Experiences

Lisbon offers exceptional culinary experiences with an amazing selection of venues and restaurants to suit all sizes, tastes and budgets. The capital of Portugal has nine Michelin star restaurants and extensive possibilities to create memorable corporate events. From historic palaces to super modern spaces, museums, clifftop restaurants, beach clubs and so much more the thriving food scene, combined with excellent wines and unique venues makes Lisbon one of the hottest destinations in Europe for corporate events and incentives.

Sustainable & Trendy

Lisbon is full of architectural master pieces, yet modern and contemporary; offering excellent transportation systems & electrical cars with innovative possibilities for recycling of event materials and food waste management during events and conferences.