Manufacturers of Medical Technologies


People: 200

Pre event Planning
A sunny destination was the main priority for this group when planning their yearly conference. The brief included two nights having two full day meetings with 200 people as well as a welcome reception and gala dinner for all delegates to socialise and relax in a beautiful setting.

Since many delegates were arriving from the US, having good air access to ease the travelling hassles was a major priority. Another objective was to include a bit of fun and culture in a meeting oriented conference.

A Solution by ECMeetings

Malta is renowned for its beautiful sunny skies and rich heritage, and so was an easy destination choice for this group.

To tackle the challenges, we found various flight options so that most delegates only needed to catch one or two flights to reach Malta, and upon arriving we offered meet and greet services at the airport, a luxury coach transfer and a fast check-in system. A quarter of the delegates arrived a day before the conference started so this gave them time to relax into the hotel and enjoy Malta at leisure. On the first night we held a Maltese Festive Dinner, whereby local cocktails and traditional Maltese food were served while a duo of local musicians played in the background. The original part of this dinner however, was the Techno Fair. We set up various screens around the venue that displayed the latest medical technologies of the company and this initiated great discussions among the delegates and kick started the theme of the conference.

The gala dinner on the next night was injected with a lot of culture and heritage. The delegates started their evening with a luxury coach transfer to the capital city, where welcome drinks and canapés were exclusively served in one of Valletta’s most beautiful garden overlooking the Grand Harbour. The evening transformed to having a theme of the Knights of St John and the group proceeded with a short walk leading to the La Valette Hall. They were welcomed with fanfares and drum rolls, entertainers dressed in period costumes holding torches and lances, as well as the master of ceremonies and his noble lady. Both the Knights of St John and the La Valette Hall are a great part of the Maltese heritage which at least the group had a chance to see during this short visit.

Post event Analysis
The event was a great success and ending up having a great balance between the conference and the entertainment. The evening in Valletta was a great hit among the delegates, starting with the breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour leading to the welcoming entrance at the La Valette Hall and the dinner itself was delicious. It was a truly unforgettable evening and trip to Malta.