ria mooijaart & partners Workshop – Sue Nani

September 5, 2012

by EC Meetings

I’ve just come back from Rotterdam after having attended this workshop organsied by our Benelux representatives. Although Rotterdam is not my favourite city in The Netherlands, working on the canal and cruising down the port during the workshop was quite an experience…and I mean this in a good way. Not only was this a great idea because we got to work on a yacht (I love boating) but also having all buyers & suppliers in the same space worked so well. Malta is well represented in the Netherlands but having said this from the many buyers I had the opportunity to meet most were happy to take on board – excuse the pun – ECMeeitngs’ new conference ideas especially our creative teambuilding activities for Malta which I had a chance to showcase. Overall I would say that this workshop helped to further put ECMeetings’ name at the forefront in the C&IT world and I am looking forward to keeping in contact with the clients I met onboard.