ECMeetings Teambuilding in Gozo

March 15, 2013

by EC Meetings

Organizing teambuilding events is part of our job and it is the part that we love most. Naturally, we have gained quite a bit of experience and knowledge throughout the years and this enables us to organize memorable events. These activities help strengthen the bonds between the team members and create a fun filled event that will leave a mark in everyone’s memory. After so many successful events it was finally time for our team to engage in a little teambuilding, so, last Friday we left the office early and made our way up north to spend a night out on the island of Gozo.


However, we wouldn’t be the creative team that we are had we not combined this occasion with a brain storming and a competitive challenge. The plan was to scout hidden treasures in Gozo to include in our portfolio and give our clients an even more unique experience when planning their event in Malta with ECM. On arrival in Gozo, we split up in teams of two and went around trying out some new ideas and meeting interesting people. Our creativity went wild and in order not to lose our head over all the inspirations, we taped everything on video to share it with our colleagues later on in the evening. WOW …. did we discover some new treasures!!!! We definitely had a good laugh seeing the results of this exciting activity and even got to bond much more with our colleagues. We have kept our thinking hats on ever since so stay tuned to see which of our ideas make it into the list of exciting ECMeetings activities.