Not many destinations have thousands of years’ experience as a meeting place.

At the crossroads of maritime routes, the Maltese Islands have been a point of encounter for a host of people as a home, stronghold, trading post and refuge for over 7000 years. From temple builders, seafaring Phoenicians and the traveller Apostle Paul, to the Knights of St John, Napoleon and British royalty – all have set foot here leaving their imprint for you to discover.


For a venue with a difference, Malta is not just sea and sun, but a tangible history book of landmark events that unfold at every corner. Prehistoric temples, exquisite palaces, impressive fortifications and unique architecture form the exclusive back drop to the events and programmes, designed to create the ultimate event.


Although Malta offers a wide range of fascinating archaeological and architectural monuments, it also boasts a selection of hotels and conference venues, which are designed to host meetings of various dimensions. Malta’s state of the art facilities and modern technology are the result of its heavy investment in infrastructure, aiming to attract more business tourism and to continue its long-standing and quality tradition of welcoming and hosting foreigners.


Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta offers proximity not only within the country itself, where little time is spent getting from one place to another but flight times from major European Gateways are generally no longer than three hours.