Maltese gastronomy is a fascinating blend of Mediterannean, Sicilian and North African flavours strongly reflecting both its location and history over thousands of years.


Our fertile land ensures that plenty of fruit and vegetables are available all year round and the Maltese believe in fresh, seasonal produce to fill their dinner plates.


The crystal clear waters around Malta offer a huge variety of fish and you will find that most restaurants around the island will feature anything from sea bass to lobster and other fresh catches of the day.


Nevertheless, Malta boasts its own and very special dishes. Hearty and rustic is maybe a more appropriate way of describing them. Maybe the most popular snack would be the “pastizzi”, a deliciously flaky pastry parcel filled with ricotta or mashed peas. And if you really want to grab a slice of Maltese life, then treat yourself to a piece of Maltese bread. Made with sour dough and baked in wood ovens, it’s irresistibly crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.


Malta’s ancient wine industry, though still relatively unknown outside the island, is beginning to attract international attention as Maltese vintages are more than holding their own at international competitions, winning several accolades in France, Italy and further afield. Malta’s wine industry is undergoing radical change as more vineyards are being planted to be able to satisfy the demand for Maltese quality wine production in line with EU standards.


International grape varieties grown on the Maltese shores include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay to mention a few. Apart from that there are also the indigenous varieties such as Gellewza and Ghirgentina, which produce some excellent wines of distinct body and flavour.


Although your main reason for being on the island may be for a conference, meeting or incentive, enjoying good food while being here in Malta is a must.