Welcome to Malta, one of the happiest meeting places in the world and the island archipelago that boasts 7000 years of hospitality experience. With our warm sun, crystal clear sea and plenty of smiles to greet you with, Malta spells out as the perfect destination for your next conference, meeting, incentive or team building event.


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Majestic Malta

Not many destinations have thousands of years’ experience as a meeting place. At the crossroads of maritime routes, the Maltese Islands have been a point of encounter for a host of people as a home, stronghold, trading post and refuge for over 7000 years. From temple builders, seafaring Phoenicians and the traveller Apostle Paul, to the Knights of St John, Napoleon and British royalty - all have set foot here leaving their imprint for you to discover whether you are on the island for a conference, meeting or team building incentive event.

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Land & Climate

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is an independent republic consisting of a group of five small islands - Malta, Gozo and Comino, all of which are inhabited, and the smaller and uninhabited islands of Cominotto, Filfla and St. Paul's Islands. Lying about 93 km to the south of Sicily and about 293 km to the North of the African mainland, the 316 km2 archipelago offers proximity not only within the country itself, where little time is spent getting from one place to another but flight times from major European gateways are generally no longer than three hours.

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History & Culture

For the past 7,000 years Malta has been a point of encounter for a host of peoples. From the Arabs to the Knights of the Order of St. John, the French, and the British, each have left their impact on the creation of a rich, historical heritage and culture, which is, also uniquely Maltese.

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Maltese gastronomy is a fascinating blend of Mediterannean, Sicilian and North African flavours strongly reflecting both its location and history over thousands of years. Our fertile land ensures that plenty of fruit and vegetables are available all year round and the Maltese believe in fresh, seasonal produce to fill their dinner plates. So although your main reason for being on the island may be for a conference or meeting, enjoying good food while being here in Malta is a must.

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Visa & Immigration

Malta became a member of the European Union on the 1st May 2004 such that any EU citizen is entitled freely to enter Malta without the requirement of any special formalities.

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