The Maltese Islands: Did you know?

Joy Schaa Chance 30 January, 2020 Malta

For some, The Maltese Islands may just be a small island archipelago in the southern Mediterranean, but as big Malta lovers and enthusiastic MICE planners, we would say they are so much more.

Grand Harbour, Malta

Here’s our TOP 10 of ‘you may or may not know’.

  1. With a history of over 7,000 years and Megalithic Temples older then the Pyramids and Stonehenge, Malta is home to some of the oldest and best preserved structures of the world. The temples, the prehistoric Hypogeum and also the capital of Valletta are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ancient structures, palaces & forts offer endless possibilities for spectacular corporate events with a one of kind backdrop in the Mediterranean.
  2. The impressive capital of Valletta is the first ever planned city of Europe, a statement of baroque pride, built by the Knight’s of St. John and today considered an architectural gem and a ‘must experience’ when visiting Malta. In the past few years the city has reinvented itself, becoming a vibrant hotspot in the Mediterranean, beautifully combining history, culture and a trendy, cosmopolitan vibe.
  3. Malta is repeatedly voted one of the world’s top diving locations. Ancient shipwrecks, deep caves and reefs combined with crystal clear seas and mild temperatures all year round make the islands a truly unique diver’s paradise. The iconic Azure Window of Gozo caused great grief when it collapsed a few years ago, but has in recent years become one of the island’s top diving spots, attracting thousands of enthusiastic divers every year.
  4. Malta is often referred to as the mini Hollywood of the Med. This is in no doubt due to the diversity of the islands and the wealth of heritage sites, ancient forts, temples, historic harbours and medieval and maritime cities. The islands have been home to many top actors and big-name producers over the years. A few big productions filmed in Malta, would include Troy, Gladiator, Munich, Game of Thrones, The Count of Monte Cristo, 13 Hours, By the Sea, Murder on the Orient Express and the new Jurassic Park 3, set to be filmed in Malta later this year.
  5. 150 years of British rule left their trace. Malta is one of the only 4 countries in Europe to drive on the left side of the road. They also left the language on the island, making Malta’s official languages English and Maltese. The Maltese language dates back to Medieval times and is the only Semitic language written in Latin script.
  6. In 1964 Malta became an independent republic and in 2004 joined the EU and 4 years later adapted the EURO currency.
  7. The island’s cuisine is as unique as its diverse history and cultural influences. Today top chefs of the island have brought ancient recipes back to life, making the island’s culinary scene a must to discover.
  8. Did you know, Malta could fit in Luxembourg 8 times? That’s pretty small, but that’s also the beauty of it. The islands are packed with architectural gems and offer so much to be discovered without wasting time getting from one place to another. You could actually be visiting the historical sites of the capital in the morning, have lunch on the sister island of Gozo and on your way back take a dip in the crystal clear seas of Comino.
  9. Maltese people love to party all year around! From traditional village feasts to annual large festivals, crazy boat parties and a big clubbing and nightlife scene, you’ll be sure to get on your dancing shoes and experience the islands by night.
  10. Malta is one of the sunniest destinations in Europe with over 300 days of sunshine a year, making it a great destination to discover all year around.

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