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Some years back, after a very busy meeting and incentive season, we calculated the number of water bottles consumed during one 3 day event and came to an alarming 5000 plastic bottles. We ran through the estimated amount of waste produced per year on events we handle and decided there surely must be room for improvement.

Like many neighbouring Mediterranean countries, The Maltese Islands are far from best practices and struggle in offering sustainable solutions. In our ongoing efforts to offer the best possible event solutions we have ventured out on taking steps to incorporate more sustainable practices in event management and as the first DMC in Malta, we set up an internal and external sustainability policy together with Global Green Events.

Our aim is to create awareness in our communities, be pro-active with our suppliers and clients and together work hand in hand to achieve better solutions on an economic, social and environmental scale.

We work closely within our communities and with our suppliers, hotels, venues, transportation companies and catering companies, who have been eco-certified or who adhere to sustainable practices in event management.