Thursday, June 25, 2020

Welcome Back to The Maltese Islands - COVID-19 GUIDELINES

During the worldwide pandemic The Maltese Islands have thankfully manged to keep the virus well under control and have been acknowledged by the European Commission, the Commonwealth, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, and others for their excellent performance. Malta has also been included in a number of publications, as one of the safest destinations to visit this summer. To ensure your health and safety and especially your peace of mind, the Maltese government has issued COVID-19 protocols to re-open the tourism industry.

Visiting Malta this Summer:
-Maintain social distancing
-Enhance level of hygiene
-Wear masks or visors, where necessary

Arriving in Malta
The Malta International Airport will re-open on 1st of July 2020. The list of ‘safe’ countries is being monitored regularly and destinations are being added on a weekly basis.

From 15th July 2020 the airport will fully re-open.

Swab tests on arrival will not be required. Passengers arriving in Malta will undergo thermal screening and fill in a declaration report, stating that they have not traveled to countries outside of the approved list of destinations. Passengers will be requested to wear a face mask or visor from the plane to the terminal building and inside the terminal building.

Transportation is fully operational under new guidelines that ensure regular airing and disinfection of buses. Taxis are fully sanitized after every trip and rental vehicles are thoroughly disinfected after being returned by clients.

Transportation for Groups / recommendations
-Vehicles to be fully sanitized before and after each contracted service
-High touch points to be disinfected as frequently as possible
-Hand sanitizer dispensers (or alternatively disinfectant wipes) to be provided by each
vehicle door for use by the passengers
-Drivers to wear face mask and/or visor at all time while operating the vehicle and during
the contracted service
-Vehicle air-conditioning filters to be cleaned and disinfected regularly
-Fresh air ventilation to be continuously operated at maximum level while the vehicle is
in operation
-Vehicle doors and windows to be kept open for natural ventilation during any
intermediate stops
-Vehicle should not be used for any other service during a specific contracted service (i.e.
no side trips are to be performed during any waiting time)
-Guests must wear face masks and/or visors at all time whilst on board the vehicle, as
well as whilst waiting to board and during boarding and alighting
-Guests should maintain social distance of 2m when waiting / queuing to board or alight
-Guests should not sit next to the driver unless there is a physical separation (e.g. Perspex
-On coaches, guests should not sit in the row of seats immediately behind the driver or
the guide
-Guests to retain the same seat during the entire service

Certified Compliant by The Malta Tourism Authority - Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Attractions
All accommodation establishments, catering facilities, shops and attractions, that have re-opened, have undergone full inspections and have been certified compliant with COVID-19 safety and hygiene protocols by the Malta Tourism Authority. The sticker is shown on the entrance of the door with measures audited on a regular basis; ensuring all establishments are operating under highest hygiene and safety protocols. Establishments have invested in staff training sessions and various equipment to minimize risk.

Beaches and Swimming Pools
-Measures taken to ensure safety include:
-Daily beach cleaning
-Frequent disinfection of bins and public toilet facilities
-Spacing guidelines for sunbeds and umbrellas
-Social distancing of 2m when queuing
-Pool staff will wear visors
-Operating at 50% capacity
-All surfaces will be sanitized regularly

Organized Excursions
-Excursion operators should encourage the use of electronic tickets / confirmations and
ticketless boarding
-Excursion operators must maintain an updated list of guests on each excursion
-Guide to wear a mask and/or visor at all times
-Guides to read out the norms and any applicable national protocols to guests at the
beginning of each excursion
-Guides to use a portable speaker or silent whisperers to enable guests to follow the
explanation whilst maintaining social distance
-Guests must have their own face masks and/or visors and should be encouraged to carry
their own sanitizer gel or wipes too
-Guests should maintain a social distance of 2 metres from any person or group of
persons outside their group when following the guide’s explanation during the excursion
-Guide and guests will comply with the specific protocols applicable for any sites /
museums which are included in the itinerary
-Guide and guests will also comply with the specific protocols applicable for any
restaurant or catering establishment included in the itinerary

Teambuilding Events
-Anyone in attendance will be required to sign into a registry, we will keep on file
-Commencing all events with a COVID-safe briefing as well as clear and vocal reminders throughout the program
-Prominent written signage during all programs
-Restricting access to anyone with any symptoms
-Hand sanitizers before, during and after programs for all participants
-Limiting team/table sizes to those required by laws
-Providing masks and gloves for all participants
-Cleaning of equipment before, during and after programs
-Adhering to physical distancing requirements with marked guidelines
DMC Services, Events, Meetings and Incentives
From the 1st of July 2020 there are no restrictions on the size of group gatherings

We are ready when you are!
All ECMeeting’s suppliers have been fully inspected by the Malta Tourism Authority, following all COVID-19 related protocols and certified compliant. Your health and safety has always been our top priority, but now more than ever, our team of dedicated Event Mangers is fully trained and ready to welcome you back to our islands. Watch this space for further updates and get in touch with us on