Tuesday, November 13, 2018

TOP MICE Hotel Hilton Malta to halve its environmental footprint by 2030!

The worldwide Hilton chain of hotels is celebrating its 100th Birthday in 2019 and has pledged to halve its environmental footprint and double its social impact by 2030!
The ‘Meet with Purpose by Hilton’ involves three main pillars, among many other initiatives which are being taken to make these goals happen by 2030 and to continue being trendsetters for the next century.

1. Mindful Being: promotes the wellbeing of delegates, by boosting energy through various events & activities, keeping delegates active and ensuring a positive meeting experience. 
2. Mindful Eating: focuses on ensuring better food waste management and encourages hotels to source organic and locally produced food, offering a good balance and healthy options.
3. Mindful Meeting: deals with general waste reduction and using resources in an innovative and mindful way.

‘Meet with Purpose’ is offering 1 in 10 delegates go FREE for all EMEA Hilton Hotels!
Limited time offer / conditions apply.
Let’s work together and make healthy choices, not only for ourselves and our attendees, but also for our environment by creating more sustainable meeting options, customized programs to meet your corporate responsibility, minimize the environmental impact of your events and create innovative environmentally friendly teambuilding activities in Malta. Get in touch with your Event Management Team and DMC in Malta on info@ecmeetings.com