Thursday, February 28, 2019

Do you love surprises?

We do, simply because little surprises along the way make the ‘ordinary’ great & memorable! Be it an unexpected surprise ice cream boat out at sea, or a surprise ‘Bubbly Bond’ with waiters coming down the cliffs or even a full-blown surprise Flash Mob in a busy square; whatever the surprise, big or small, we love adding surprise elements wherever & whenever we can. As a team of enthusiastic event managers in Malta we would say we have many favourites, but here’s our TOP 4.

1. Taste Malta’s No. 1 Street Food with our ‘Pastizzi Gourmet’ tasting
The iconic ‘Pastizz’ is a filo pastry traditionally filled with ricotta cheese or peas and is undoubtedly Malta’s No. 1 street food. 
Our charming host shares her childhood memories & brings a new creative dimension to the traditional pastizzi, experimenting with a variety of savoury and sweet fillings. The tastings of her homemade pastries can be done in many locations, venues & scenic spots across the island. The pastizzis are a bit smaller than the traditional ones, allowing you to taste a variety, to see which one is your favourite!

2. Meet the alchemists of modern times in the iconic area known as ‘The Gut’
Inspired by the Alchemists of ancient times the mixology experts at Alchemy Bar use the most unique & surprising combinations and ingredients to create sensational experiences involving all the senses. The bar is located on the iconic Strait Street of Valletta in the area known in Maritime days as ‘The Gut’. In recent years Strait Street has been completely rejuvenated and today serves as a high-end entertainment hub with excellent bars and dinning locations. Together with Malta’s leading mixologists you can create your own perfect combinations, using the finest of ingredients to create sensational cocktails.

3. Let the party begin, anywhere & everywhere with our ‘Champagne Hipster’
With Malta’s long history and love for all types of vintage cars, buses & vans this rare Citroën vintage van, transformed into a unique Champagne & Prosecco bar, has become a very popular & fun add-on to any teambuilding activity or corporate event. The van has a great selection of international and local beverages and snacks & can come to just about any location, scenic spot or venue on the island.

4. Add some wellbeing & mindfulness to any incentive or meeting with our ‘Luxury Mobile Spa’
Imagine cruising the Med with our luxury spa boat or a themed spa party in a beach club by the sea? The luxury mobile spa is increasingly popular and the super professional team of therapists and yoga instructors can come to nearly any spot on the island, making this a wonderful addition to all types of conferences, events & incentive programs. 
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