Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Is it a 'MUST'?

‘Do it Knightly’ is it a ‘must’ when planning an event, conference or incentive in Malta?

YES and NO, we would say... with 7,000 years of extremely diverse and fascinating history and all major powers passing by and ruling our islands, we would actually say the diversity of our past and present gives us the possibility to create all types of destination related themes, concepts and entertainment.
Having said that, The Knights of the Order of St. John brought to Malta the so called Golden Age; over 200 years of flourishing architecture, arts, crafts and overall improvement to the Maltese Islands, making the Order undoubtedly a grand part of our history and leaving behind an amazing architectural contribution, not to mention our fascinating Capital City Valletta, a baroque gem in Europe, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture. 

Just as The Knights of St. John have left behind a wealth of heritage sites and historical venues and just as there are endless possibilities on themed corporate events and teambuilding activities in Malta, there is no limitation on how to ‘Do it Knightly’, add a modern twist, a trendy vibe, go super classy & elegant, go minimal, go full-blown; it’s all grand and it's all worth the Knight's Experience.  

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