Monday, November 4, 2019

Go Plastic Free?

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer innovative concepts and best possible event solutions for meetings and incentives in Malta, we ventured out on taking steps to incorporate more sustainable practices in event management and became the first Destination Management Company (DMC) in Malta to set up a company and events sustainability policy. One of our initiatives is introducing 'Go Plastic Free' with our re-usable stainless steel bottles, which can be branded to your liking, given as gifts and used pre and post events. Water dispensers are made available during meetings and for excursions throughout the program. 'Go Plastic Free' is offered in every proposal and intends to reduce the enormous amounts of plastic water bottles consumed during our events.
As many of our Mediterranean neighbors we are far from best practice, but we do believe that as people, as a company and in event management we can create more awareness in our community, get our suppliers on board, work with preferred partners, who have sustainable measures in place, and actively promote better practices on a economic, social and environmental level.
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