Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Beat the cold and save pennies!

Beat the cold, escape to Malta & save pennies!
TOP 9 reasons why Malta is your perfect meeting spot.

1. Easily Accessible
Less than 3 hour flight from all major European hubs. Short distances with an average of 20 minutes.
2. Excellent Infrastructure for Corporate Events
Large selection of leading chain & independent hotels, over 2000 hotel rooms in walking distance and conference centres for up to 5000 delegates.
3. Isle of Venues
Extensive choice of historical, unique and trendy venues for all sizes & tastes.
4. More than 300 Days of Sunshine
Mediterranean mild climate and an all year destination.
5. Multilingual Fluency
Easy Communication & Multilingual Staff. Official Languages: Maltese & English
6. 7000 Years of Exciting History
Unique cultural and historical world heritage sites.
7. EU Zone
EU Member since 2004, EURO Currency since 2008. Local VAT is reimbursable on conferences.
8. Great Value for Money
Excellent service standards for fair prices.

9. And best of all, we have teamed up with some leading hotels on the island to offer you excellent rates for extraordinary service in the first quarter of 2019!
Start the year off with a bang and find out how we can help you get the most out of your pennies! Get in touch with your Event Management Team & DMC Partner in Malta on