Wednesday, January 8, 2020

CSR is becoming a Must

Everyone wants to be part of a good cause!

In 2019 the team at ECMeetings in Malta kick-started the year with training sessions to incorporate more sustainable practices internally and in event management. Throughout the year they worked together with suppliers, NGOs and hotels to create new food concepts, new local experiences and new CSR activities to promote a positive impact on their destination. For the year ahead the team is all geared up to create meaningful meetings and incentives, pushing for more sustainability at every opportunity and encouraging all their clients to incorporate some sort of CSR activity. From past experiences and from their own team CSR activities it proves to be the most rewarding form of teambuilding, truly bringing people together and all for a good cause. A CSR activity can be as simple as building bikes for kids in need or creating a library for an orphanage. The possibilities to involve conference and incentive attendees are endless and add so much value to their experience of a destination.

Recent CSR Activities by ECMeetings:

  • Build-A-Bike – 400 delegates built 72 bikes in teams and donated them to a local orphanage
  • ‘Before and After’ - 28 teams with 270 conference attendees converted an unusable park for children with disabilities
  • ECMeetings Christmas CSR Activity 1st edition
  • ECMeetings Christmas CSR Activity 2nd edition
  • 400 delegates prepared hampers for 80 local families in need
  • Planting of trees at a natural reserve and maintenance for 5 years – all ECMeetings hosted business development trips in 2019
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