Swiss Insurance Company

23.08. - 26.08.2012

People: 61

The Brief

The client knew Malta quite well so the original brief was very specific. The group was looking into organizing an incentive event for three nights in Malta in a four star hotel with a rich programme of cultural highlights. This agenda was the actual challenge as the client was not interested in teambuilding activities or museums so our Malta DMC came up with an entertaining programme which through the lunch and dinner venues, allowed the guests to see the most significant places on the island.



The first step was finding them a suitable hotel to stay in. Even though the brief asked for a four star property, we suggested the guests stay at a well priced, centrally located five star hotel instead which the client agreed to. Following check in, the guests were invited to the pool deck on the top floor of the hotel to enjoy a welcome drink and light finger food while taking in the great views of Balluta Bay all lit up by night. Their welcome to Malta could not have been better.


The next day started with a morning tour of the Silent City of Mdina. Though not a long walk, strolling the streets under the Maltese August sun made the picnic site at Dingli cliffs all the more heavenly. Having a light lunch at Malta’s highest point with stunning views and set up with low tables, cushions and tents to provide shelter from the afternoon sun was a tranquil and refreshing lunch the guests will never forget. With renewed energies, the day continued with a visit to Valletta. After some leisure time in Malta’s capital city, the group prepared for their dinner which was an unusual one. Giving the clients a choice of restaurants, the group split into three and went for dinner in three different places. They all enjoyed the delicious food which was abundant and the intimate atmosphere of dining in a relatively small group.


The following day was destined to be a great one. The sun was shining and the sea was calm so the conditions could not have been better to spend a full day on one of the beautiful Turkish wooden gullets. After cruising towards Gozo and having a look at the stunning cliffs from the sea, the boat sailed towards the small island of Comino where lunch was held. The captain sailed past the famous Blue Lagoon where the guests caught a glance of the clear waters and the amazing turquoise colour of the sea before cruising on to the Crystal Lagoon which is just as beautiful but much more quiet. The guests took a relaxing swim or soaked up the sun’s rays sunbathing while the gullet was anchored in the bay.


The last evening was a very special one where some members of the group were honoured with awards. Being experts in destination management in Malta, we organised a final dinner at a typical Maltese farmhouse where the guests could savour our culinary specialties from the Maltese buffet. The guests feasted on the traditional dishes, enjoying the authentic atmosphere to the fullest. Being so fond of the Maltese lifestyle, we couldn’t let them leave without a small souvenir so we handed out some Maltese give-aways in the form of locally produced specialties and a recipe to prepare the much loved Ħobż biż-żejt – a delicious sandwich that needs to be tasted by all enthusiasts of Maltese cuisine.


Following this amazing evening, we couldn’t just let the guests take off. The client wanted the programme to end with a leisurely yet impressive morning activity so we decided to take them to a magnificent palazzo for a farewell reception. Needless to say that in August the weather was bright and sunny, so the brunch held in the expansive Palazzo Parisio gardens was delightful. It’s hard to imagine a better way for the guests to say good bye to our islands and enjoy their stay to the fullest until the last minute.


Post Event Analysis

The clients absolutely loved the programme with the mix of cultural activities and leisure time which gave them the chance to see a lot during their short stay without being stressed. They will surely remember this event when they think of sun, fun and islands.