Large International Bank


People: 29

The brief for this group was very particular and specific. The client knew exactly what he wanted to achieve out of the trip to Malta and spending a night in Gozo was a must on his agenda. So we decided that since Gozo is smaller and quieter than Malta, the guests would spend the last night of their stay on the Maltese islands in Gozo. After spending a day out at sea cruising around the many beautiful bays, the guests were dropped off in Mgarr where luxury vans transferred them to Kempinski San Lawrenz. Luggage had already been placed in the clients’ rooms and with the guests already checked in, they had plenty of time to relax and make use of the hotel’s spa and leisure facitilities. The evening, which was to be the Grande Finale of the event, was held in the most exclusive and unique place on the island – The Citadel. The back area of the citadel was reserved exclusively for the group – what better way to make the guests feel special. They arrived at sunset and walked to the end of the fortified city. During the welcome reception the guests, positioned on one of the highest points on the island, had a 180 degree view of Gozo so that while the sun set, casting a red hue over the island, they had the opportunity to take in this breath-taking scene. During dinner, as the guests were wined and dined, a pianist and singer entertained them with their gentle jazzy tunes. The next morning, the guests headed back to Malta for their return flight home. But again here, like with the rest of the programme, the transfer back to Malta was done in style using a number of Sunseekers so that the guests were whisked from one island to the other in no time at all.