BCD Meetings & Events

Tracey Francis

From start to finish, you and your team approached this event with professionalism, attention to detail and enthusiasm.  Your team on the ground were excellent and it was also great to see you yourself helping out with the big coach transfers – always a good sign that a director rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck into the running of an event! The team building activity was one of the best we have put on for this client and the fact that the delegates completely ignored the final instructions, and stormed the stage in sheer enthusiasm for having completed their tasks was proof enough.  The ‘activity’ stream on our event app was overrun with photos and comments from a very excited and happy audience.


However our biggest thanks must go to Sophia.  It was an absolute pleasure working with her.  We clicked on all the right levels and she was unwavering in her support, her responsiveness and her patience to get things just right for us given we have a very particular client.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would very much like to put her in a box and take her with us for the next one! I really do hope our paths cross again soon.