50 Years of Independence

September 25, 2014

by EC Meetings

It was on 21st September 1964 that Gorg Borg Olivier, Malta’s prime minister at that time, proclaimed Malta’s Independence. After 164 years under British rule, Malta was thus one of the last European colonies to gain sovereignty.


With a big open air show Malta celebrated its 50th anniversary as an independent country in Valletta last weekend. The spectacle included a helicopter display, various dance performances, video projections on the bastions and of course amazing fireworks. Prince William joined the celebrations at Upper Barakka Gardens on behalf of his wife and celebrated the happy occasion with the Maltese people.


Malta went a long way during its 50 years as independent country. It overcame difficulties in history, growing into a strong democracy and eventually joined the European Union in 2004. The Maltese people are not only celebrating the anniversary of their independence this year but also the many achievements during this period and the stable economy they have built on their small island.