Diving in Malta – Susann

November 14, 2012

by EC Meetings

We at ECMeetings Malta try to test out our own leisure activities once in a while therefore ensuring that they are fully functional and in this way we know 100% what works well and what doesn’t. So this week it was my turn to try something new (new to me of course not Malta). We all know that Malta is one of the best rated destinations for scuba diving in the world. So having decided to remain in Malta more permanently I decided to give it a try and put my life in the hands of our local diving partners. The closest I had come to marine life in Malta before was snorkeling along the shore and while I was curious to discover more, I had mixed feelings about being several meters under water with nothing but a bottle of compressed oxygen to keep me breathing. The competent instructor who was with our group of diving newbies soon convinced us that diving is one of the easiest sports possible – in his words ‘the best way is to just be calm and relaxed under water doing nothing but breathing’. After the land based instructions and some short exercises in the shallow bay next to the diving centre, we were ready to take off on our first proper dive which took us along a path of 21 minutes with the deepest point being at 7.6 metres. I was very pleasantly surprised by how right the instructor was – it was actually easy to relax under water and just enjoy the expanse around me.


This experience was absolutely out of this world and my adventurous mind is craving for more. It’s one more firsthand experience that our Malta DMC recommends to our guests and I certainly do hope that you will be adventurous enough to try. In my books, you’re missing out on a whole new world if you don’t try it.