Malta became a member of the European Union on the 1st May 2004 such that any EU citizen is entitled freely to enter Malta without the requirement of any special formalities.


According to EU law, EU citizens can travel within the EU using their ID cards, as long as those ID cards do not state ‘FOR USE IN MALTA ONLY – NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL’.


Third country nationals may enter and travel within the EU provided they fulfil the entry conditions, amongst others to be in possession of a valid travel document or a visa if required.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta has entered into agreements with both the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria and of Italy meaning that foreigners requiring a visa may apply for an entry visa for Malta at the Italian or Austrian diplomatic mission in their country, depending on which country the person is resident in.


EC Meetings can assist conference organisers with information on how to obtain visas for delegates and the following website contains all regulations and visa application forms


On Sunday 30th March 2008, Malta International Airport opened its doors to welcome the Schengen implementation, lifting boarder controls on flights to and from countries which are party to the agreement. With this historic development, Malta International Airport is now a fully-integrated EU airport.