Wolfgang Ostrowitzki

The normal conduct of my business takes me over a good part of the world, and from time to time there is an opportunity to write a complimentary letter about services that have been rendered. Such happy circumstances presented themselves during several events on Malta, when we worked with EC Meetings. I would like to thank you for all your good hotel recommendations in the course of the last years. It was always very helpful to have you as a partner by our side. Whenever there was a special requirement from the hotels or things needed further clarification, you solved it. Working with you is always very successful and I would like to thank you for all your support and a fantastic communication. Your dedicated and enthusiastic team assisted each of us to achieve our final goal of successful events. I know everyone was inspired and ready to get back and tackle the world. Me and my co-workers truly enjoyed the time we spent and want to thank you very much for a perfect organization for each meeting. Please extend my thanks to all EC Meetings colleagues involved in the planning and realisation of the Bayer Vital events. I have a very high regard for the work you have put into these exercises and will certainly recommend your services. I am looking forward to further projects in the future.